Join the Positive Self-Management Program, an interactive six-week program for people living with HIV and their support network.
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    The Gilbert Centre offers non-judgmental, compassionate and confidential support to individuals living with or affected by HIV. We provide individual and group-based programs to assist people to manage their health and successfully cope with HIV. We support people living with HIV to navigate the challenges that can arise from living with a chronic illness, to build support systems, access resources in the community, and to make informed choices related to their health care.

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    We provide clients with information on resources in their community and help them connect with the programs and services they need. We also assist people accessing government assistance programs such as Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), Trillium Drug Program, Ontario Work (OW), subsidize housing, CPP and filling out forms or applications. We work with clients to link them to HIV specialists, including those located in Simcoe County. For questions about disclosure around HIV and the law in Canada, visit HALCO’s website.

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    A six week workshop (2.5 hours per week) for people living with HIV and their support network. This peer led workshop teaches participants the skills needed to manage their symptoms, improve their health and other strategies to cope with depression, disclosure and treatment adherence. Contact us to register for our next six week workshop, (705) 722-6778 ext. 802.

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    Through an intake interview, we assist individuals to establish their health and overall needs in relation to living with HIV. We assist clients to achieve physical and emotional wellness, navigating the system, accessing community resources, and to cope with everyday challenges of living with HIV.

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    A Peer Mentor is someone living with HIV who has been trained to provide support to people who are newly diagnosed or have been living with HIV long term. Peer Mentors help to navigate the system, find community resources, provide emotional support, and assist in effectively managing health outcomes. Support can be provided via telephone, email, or face-to-face.

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    Peer Leader Training is available for people directly affected by HIV, who wish to develop the skills to be a leader, become a group facilitator, and assist in supporting people living with HIV. Peer Leader Training opportunities include Turning Towards One Another (TTOA), Positive Leadership Development Institution (PLDI), Positive Self Management Program (PSMP), and others.

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    Central Opening Doors is an annual initiative to bring together those affected by HIV from the Peel, Simcoe, and York regions.


    This initiative hosts a workshop for service providers, and a Peer Leadership Summit for people living with HIV, to provide current information on HIV related topics, strengthen counselling skills, and share resources with each other. For more information, contact us at (705) 722-6778 ext. 101.