Sex Work

The Gilbert Centre is committed to creating opportunities to further an understanding of those with lived experiences of sex work in the local Simcoe Muskoka area. We understand that sex work is not inherently dangerous, but rather isolation resulting from stigmatization and criminalization, in combination with other intersecting areas of oppression contribute to experiences of violence and exploitation. By creating positive and safe spaces for those with lived experiences in sex work to unite and advocate, while promoting more inclusive services, we hope to address some of the barriers that contribute to the lack safety in our community.

The Bad Date Book is a way for people who do independent sex work to help keep each other safe in an anonymous way. A Bad Date is any unwanted experience that you want to warn others about so that they don’t have to go through the same experience you have. This can include people who are creepy or make you feel uneasy, it could be rudeness, theft, price bartering, threats, or acts of violence. When people report a Bad Date to the Gilbert Centre, information about the Bad Date is printed and a booklet that is available to sex workers at various organization throughout Simcoe Muskoka.

If you have experienced a Bad Date, please report it anonymously and confidentially to the Gilbert Centre. There are several ways you can report a Bad Date, including:

  • Our online form
  • Over the phone, either over the phone with out Sex Work Outreach and Support worker, or anonymously over voicemail at 705.722.6778 ext. 107
  • By email at SarahT@gilbertcentre.ca
  • In person, by stopping in to our office at 80 Bradford St and filling out a form, either by yourself or with a worker
  • In the community. Several organizations around Barrie have Bad Date Book reporting forms, including The David Busby Street Centre, Barrie and Area Native Friendship Centre, and Youth Haven.



We are also in the process of organizing an advisory board of people with lived experience that would help to influence the support and programming offered, as well as provide lived experiences to policies and procedures regarding human trafficking initiatives in the community. If this is something you would like to get engaged in please reach out to us.