Older LGBTQ Adult Programs


The program contributes to the knowledge base of better understanding of the needs and wishes of the LGBTQ older adults in our region, to create safer spaces to socialize, educate, and connect communities. The program offers drop in programs, educational seminars, inter-generational programming, and collaborates with the Safer Spaces program to support senior serving organizations and long term care facilitates to become inclusive to older LGBTQ adults.

The program is funded through the Ontario Trillium Foundation.


Older & Bolder is our drop in program for older LGBTQ adults, connecting with community members in a safer social space. The group is open to all members of our LGBTQ communities, to share their experiences and learn from one another. Drop-ins run throughout the region on a monthly basis, in Barrie, Bradford, and more.


Check out our Facebook Page or Events Page for updated information on group details.


Bridging the Gap


Older LGBTQ adults were on the forefront of leading the change towards greater equality in society. Our younger generation now can explore their identities and engage in conversations that were unheard of in generation’s past. While our younger generation of LGBTQ youth still have challenges, these challenges are different than those who came before them. The Older LGBTQ Adult program will be working closely with our Family & Youth Program to bridge the gap createing inter-generational events where youth and older adults can learn from one another.


If you are interested in participating in inter-generational programming, or want to share your experiences as an older adult, reach out to us and check out our social media for opportunities.